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                    AlphaVet Science Laboratories™ is a subsidiary of Omega
                    Alpha Pharmaceuticals™  which has been  formulating,
                    manufacturing, and marketing remedies for use in human,
                    equine and small pets, based on the science of medicinal
                    botanicals since 1992. With over 20 years of experience,
                    AlphaVet Science Laboratories™ has developed a line of
                    botanical products to be used by veterinarians and their
                    patients based on the natural sciences.
                    Dr. Gordon Chang, AlphaVet Science Laboratories’ founder received his Ph.D., from
                    the University of Toronto in the field of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering. He
                    then went on to do postdoctoral work in the area of Clinical Chemistry at the Toronto
                    General  Hospital.  Dr.  Chang’s  academic  background  and  his  vision  have  set  the
                    foundation for product development in that there must be a scientific rationale for all
                    formulations. With this denitive mandate, all of AlphaVet Sciences’ products are firmly
                    rooted in the peer reviewed published scientific literature, much of which is discussed
                    in this product manual.

                    Every  AlphaVet  Science™  product  is  manufactured  in  our  own  GMP  (Good
                    Manufacturing Practices) approved facilities which is registered with, and regulated
                    by, Health Canada. We have implemented a quality control system which is sensible
                    and uniquely applicable to the botanical industry. For example, we buy our medicinal
                    herbs in a whole uncut form so that we can positively identify the plant and thus
                    ensure that there was no substitution taking place. We check for heavy metal and pesticide
                    levels  in  all  of  our  finished  products  thus  ensuring  that  it  complies  with  Canadian
                    government guidelines, which is one of the most stringent in the world.

                    AlphaVet Science™ products are sold exclusively through veterinarians so that the pet
                    owners can get the best professional advice and usage information. We are committed to
                    the production of Quality, Safe and Efficacious products based on the scientific method.


                    Dr. Gordon Chang, Ph.D.
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